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Saying Thanks #Gratitude

I’ve made it a weekly practice of saying thanks by posting my gratitude list . So I am grateful every day for everything I have, and start my morning prayers with appreciation, but it always feels wonderful to put it down in writing.

Showing gratitude for what we have isn’t unusual. On my list of favorites are my family, friends and community. Today, I want to say thanks for the things I take for…

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Stock Talking And Lessons Learned #MicroblogMondays

Let me take stock of what’s up with my life right now and share the lessons learned.

The death of two close family members – I told you about my aunt who passed awayunexpectedly. Two days later, my cousin committed suicide. He was in his 30s, married a couple of years ago, divorced soon after and got into deep depression. And last week, he decided to end his life. The family is naturally…

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Ghati Subramanya Temple

Ghati Subramanya is an ancient Hindu temple on the outskirts of Bangalore near Tubagere, Doddaballapura. It is 60 km from the city and is a popular pilgrimage centre besides being a rather perfect getaway for the weekend.

Almost ten years ago, we visited this temple en route from the Nandi Hills, where we went for a picnic. This time, we made a trip to Lepakshi, and on the way back, passed the…

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Inspiring Quotes On Life

Inspiring Quotes On Life

Right now, I could do with all the pep-talking I could get. I feel pretty low – emotionally and physically. I am fighting a tummy bug as I am trying to cope with the sadness that seems to have settled at our place, temporarily. Life WILL go on, we will accept the way life is. Because, you see, nature intended us to move on. And as humans, we have the wonderful innate ability to filter the good…

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If Tears Could Build A Stairway

If Tears Could Build A Stairway

Today, we lost a very dear member of our family. A close aunt. We were very fond of her. She was only 65. Memories of her will always be fresh in our hearts.  We will miss her very much. But first, we have to adjust to the thought that she is no longer with us.

Unexpected death is so painful.

I urge you to say your I love yous before it is too late. Don’t put off the little things!

Life is too…

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Keeping Your Cool With A Mini Fridge

Keeping Your Cool With A Mini Fridge

Years ago, we felt the need for a second fridge. We had a largish house and constant visitors. So when someone from our colony put up a mini refrigerator for sale, we were excited and got it. I think lots of people found it amusing, but we never regretted it. It was so very convenient and easier to manage our cold storage. Later, a few of my friends also got one and I love how each one has a…

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Friends, The Family We Choose #Gratitude

Friends, The Family We Choose #Gratitude

So you’ve heard the adage once too often “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”. And heaven knows how many times from me!

I love it because I am blessed with wonderful friends I’ve known for decades.

At fifty, I can say with love that when it comes to friends, I am a keeper.

Of course, I love my familyequally. Obviously they cannot take the place of my friends, but then, when friends…

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Looking Back

I was going through my archives when I chanced upon this adorable set of photos. They are of my friend’s daughters. Anamika and I met years ago at another friend’s place to discuss starting a travel magazine. While the magazine did not happen, our friendship did and we spent some extremely pleasant times, chatting. Another reason to thank technology.

Her daughters recently had a birthday and I…

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