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Inspiring Quotes on Motivation

Inspiring Quotes on Motivation

It has been a rather annoying day with my desktop computer as well as my laptop giving me some grief. I lost some writing work when I was on the verge of completing it and had a tough time staying cool. Then I decided to just leave it and do something else.

I settled down to look through some old notebooks and soon, I was smiling at the number of inspiring quotesI’ve collected. You’ll even find a…

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Sury, Zuri and #ZestUpYourLife with @BlogAdda

Sury, Zuri and #ZestUpYourLife with @BlogAdda

I just had to write that title, what with Zuri rhyming with Sury!

Last week, when I least expected to take a break, Goa beckoned. Harish of BlogAdda messaged me to ask what I was doing on the 26th and 27th July and I, being my skeptical self, asked him “why?” He said a big surprise awaited and promised to send more details soon.

And he did. He informed me that I would be one of 50 privileged…

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How @TataMotors Convinced Me I need #TataZest #ZestUpYourLife

How @TataMotors Convinced Me I need #TataZest #ZestUpYourLife

This is a quick first impression and I will be updating this post when I get home tonight

How @TataMotors Convinced Me I need #TataZest #ZestUpYourLife

So here I am, folks, in a trance and in love with the Tata Zest car.

I am in Goa right now, enjoying the hospitality of the kind folks at BlogAdda and Zuri Resorts since yesterday.

We – a set of privileged 50 bloggers – are here as the guests of…

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Invisalign - Smiling Again With Confidence

Invisalign – Smiling Again With Confidence

My best friend and I got married within months of each other – she got married in November 1996 and I, in February 1997. We both have sons, some months apart. Interestingly, we go through similar milestones and one of them is our sons’ dental issues. While she sought an Invisalign orthodontist in Boca Raton,I went to an orthodontist referred by my son’s school following a health check. During our…

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Attitude Is All That Matters

Attitude Is All That Matters

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it is this: attitude is everything. We can’t control events, but we can certainly control our reactions to them.

Today, I am sharing an excerpt from a gem of a book titled “Smile for No Good Reason: Simple Things You Can Do to Get Happy NOW” This is a bestselling book by Dr. Lee Jampolsky and a book that will make you laugh, cry and think about…

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Taking the First Steps - Getting Help with your Mental Health

Taking the First Steps – Getting Help with your Mental Health

When we feel under the weather, we go to the doctor. When we have a toothache, we go to the dentist. If you have a headache, you will head to the pharmacy to get a tablet. But when we suspect we may have a problem with our mental health, the first reaction is often to deny that there is anything wrong at all and just wait for it to go away.

However, the sticking-your-head-in-the-sand approach…

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I am happy to announce my guest post at Laurel Regan’s blog, Alphabet Salad.

Laurel is a prolific blogger who is focused and writes beautifully. I love her Friday gratitude lists and her posts about “tangling” I connected with Laurel during the April A to Z Challenge, when I started visiting her blog more regularly. She has since become part of our Write Tribe group on Facebook and I am happy to say I look forward to reading her posts every day. Yes, she blogs daily!

Today, I am honored that Laurel is sharing her space with me. My post is about my favorite topic, happiness. I believe that Happiness is a DIY project and a choice.

May I invite you to read my post over at her blog?

Ten Easy Ways to Buy Happiness

Click image to go there! Thanks!

Ten easy ways to Buy Happiness

Happiness, as you can see, is a journey and a lifelong one!

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried one or more of these.

And now, some of my favorite inspiring quotes on happiness. Click any photo to see original size.

Inspiring quotes on happiness

Did you enjoy these?

Which among these inspiring quotes on happiness is your favorite?

Day 23 of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge July 2014

BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo July 2014


Inspiring quotes on Happiness I am happy to announce my guest post at Laurel Regan’s blog, Alphabet Salad. Laurel is a prolific blogger who is focused and writes beautifully.

UTI Women’s No.1 Problem

UTI Women’s No.1 Problem

What? Never heard of it? Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is not the exclusive domain of women. Everyone suffers from it one time or other.

I don’t know what it is, but the three friends I chatted with last week all had varying stages of UTI or the dreaded Urinary Tract Infection. The weather was partially responsible for the frequent “urge” and there were other issues, too.

So I figured, why not…

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Give Me Black #WhatTheBlack

Give Me Black #WhatTheBlack

Black is among my preferred colors. You’ll often see me dressed in black. Besides that fact that I’ve got a stack of at least 20 black t-shirts giving people the impression that I live in the same t-shirt and jeans of varying shades, truth is – I love black. Only I, my family and perhaps my neighbors know that I wash them after every use. I do. And then I lovingly fold them and place them in my…

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