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Today’s Gratitude List

Today’s Gratitude List

And it is time for my weekly gratitude list. So much to be grateful for! Where do I begin?

  • Let me start with family – I am blessed with a wonderful one! I am thinking of those days when my Mom would joking say that it is okay to have tough times and suffer when we’re young, because we’re emotionally and physically more resilient. It is when we grow older that we need a stronger dose of happiness.…

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Sweet 17 For The Third Time #MicroblogMondays

I had a wonderful birthday on September 27.

Wishes from my friends, phone calls, Facebook messages – all overwhelmed me. I feel so glad to be alive.

I may be sweet 17 for the third time around,but I am even more conscious that I must now ​live the best life I can. ​

Google celebrated its birthday with me :) Google turned 16. And I turned 17. For the third time.

It has been a great weekend – we’re…

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Book Review The Revenge Of Kaivalya

Book Review The Revenge Of Kaivalya

When someone you know writes and publishes a book, it is an exciting moment, especially when you like her! And so it was when the book “The Revenge of Kaivalya” by Sumana Khan was offered for review by the Write Tribe. I was excited to read the blurb and applied and received the book – with a cute little greeting card from Sumana – nice personal touch!

What followed was a great experience –…

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I am happy to celebrate World Gratitude Day today.

The last couple of week brought tragedy, sickness, tough times and sadness in various degrees into our family and I would not have coped had it not been for the family and friends I am privileged to have.

It is true that when we appreciate what we have, count our blessings and look up and say thanks, life is a lot happier. Even the negatives look positive and promising. Also, gratitude is linked to better health – mental and physical. Did you know that grateful people, who make it a regular practice to give thanks are one up on those who don’t? It is a fact that when we are thankful, we take better care of themselves and cultivate healthy habits such as regular exercise, a healthy diet and are less stressed.

I know for sure that grateful people are more optimistic, and this has a positive health impact.

When we’re grateful we are also mindful and live in the moment. Life is more satisfying when we look at what we’ve got rather than focus on what we do not have.

I practice gratitude in the following ways:

  • Writing a gratitude journal regularly. Any time I feel low, all I have to do is look in my book to feel overwhelmed at how I am blessed
  • Taking stock of all the things I have, taking an inventory of all the people and things that I take for granted and expressing my appreciation for them individually
  • When things look gloomy, I change my perspective. I reframe the situation and find my attitude changing.
  • Making it a point to smile as much as possible. It helps me look at everything with the eyes of love.
  • Counting my blessings
  • Writing thank-you notes
  • Through prayer every morning, at the start of my day

And so…

On World Gratitude Day

I give thanks to…

  • My family, who show their love in the most unexpected ways, besides the hug and kiss overload.
  • Corinne who has been a solid friend and support, letting me rant, be my freaky self (oh yes) and kept me smiling.
  • Inspirati, my writing team. Each member showered me with love and encouragement. Who knew that a group of random people brought together could become so close and cohesive? I am grateful to  Vanya  Abhyudaya Cynthia Cifar Bindu Nikita and Sai and the lovely conversations that go on and on and keep me from my bedtime.
  • My computer technie, who calmly talked me through getting it up and running
  • My neighbors, for being kind
  • For being able to work from home – what a blessing!
  • For my test results, which were quite decent and not as scary as I expected
  • My doctor, whom I’ll meet tomorrow, who’ll assess my health and help me keep it up
  • My diabetes, which enables my family and me to take special care of our health, and has helped me make exercise and a healthy diet non-negotiables
  • You, who connect with me and keep me motivated
  • Life lessons my Mom inculcated in me, that help me strive to be a better person

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but a great place to start!

 “If the only prayer you say in your life is thank you, that would suffice.” — Meister Eckhart

Here are some photos from our front yard – I am loving that the plants are looking up and blooming!

Linking up with the gorgeous Unknown Mami for Sundays In My City – she sponsors free world travel.

Did you celebrate World Gratitude Day today?

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World Gratitude Day Vidya Sury 2

Celebrating World Gratitude Day I am happy to celebrate World Gratitude Day today. The last couple of week brought tragedy, sickness, tough times and sadness in various degrees into our family and I would not have coped had it not been for the family and friends I am privileged to have.

Do You Lead A Toxic Lifestyle?

Do You Lead A Toxic Lifestyle?

Toxic Lifestyle. Can’t say that has a nice ring to it, can you?But it is true. What with the current affinity for the fast food fad and somewhat sedentary lifestyle, more and more people are leading a toxic lifestyle. And you can’t always blame it on technology, right?

There are studies to show that young adults in the 30-40 age group are being diagnosed with heart disease thanks to an unhealthy…

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