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Puns and Parodies

Who can resist a pun, intended or unintended? Not me, certainly. I am married to someone who is exceptional at rolling out puns on a daily basis on practically every occasion and is pretty good with parodies. I originally meant to write a parentingpost for P, or even about Prayer, but while walking on my terrace today and laughing my head off with Sury and Vidur piling on the puns, I thought – on…

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Day 15 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge dawns rather bright, clear and very warm in my part of the world and I am pleased to present my friend, Dr.Chandra Senan’s book titled “Oxygen”.

I “met” Dr Chandra through my blog in April 2012. His emails are encouraging, appreciative and kind. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that I reviewed his sister’s book  of poetry “Dialogues from Within“, last year during the A to  Z Challenge. We have built a pleasant friendship and I feel privileged to know him.

Dr.Chandra Senan has authored several books and Oxygen is his latest. When he offered me a preview, I expected a text-book-type book. But when I began reading it, I found it not only informative, but also beautifully written. Interspersed with inspiring quotes and presented in a layout that any layman would find interesting, I’d say Dr. Chandra has the gift of expression.  Now let me introduce you to the book Oxygen.


The Story of a Primal Fluid of Vital Importance to All Life Forms on the Planet and Our Intimate Relationship with This Extraordinary Gas

by Dr Chandra Senan


Book blurb:

“The topic chosen for this book was influenced by the fact that three of my previous tomes were on water, blood and alcohol. As we would not be alive without the first two fluids and the exclusion of the third is something that for many would make life onerous to cope with, I decided to keep the fluid theme going and to resolutely remain in the realm of substances absolutely crucial to our survival. Oxygen seemed the obvious choice.

Fluids, incidentally, have relatively low viscosities, exhibit flow and display turbulence, possess mass and can be deformed and compressed. It is near-ubiquitous, life-sustaining oxygen which we take for granted that makes us (and the planet) tick, the four main categories of oxygen usage being medicine, metallurgy, chemical synthesis and rocketry. If you think life’s a gas, you would almost certainly be right and that gas is none other than oxygen although nitrous oxide (a.k.a. factitious air) first laid claim to that accolade, owing to the euphoric effects of inhaling it – an attribute that subsequently led to its recreational use as a dissociative anaesthetic, laughing gas parties being all the rage with the aristocracy (the hysterical participants falling about cachinnating) from as early as 1799.

But it’s oxygen in all its guises and the far reaching effects this element has had (and continues to have) on practically everything on our planet (and elsewhere) that takes centre stage in this offering of mine which, hopefully will seem like a breath of fresh air – an expression that sadly has become a contradiction in terms. In the sapient words of prolific science writer Dr. John Gribbin: “Oxygen exists in the atmosphere because there is life on Earth; and life exists on the land surface of the Earth because there is oxygen in the atmosphere.”

Given the parlous state our planet is in, we would be unwise not to heed this warning by the eminent astrophysicist Carl Sagan: “Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something.”

In “Oxygen” Dr Senan has included almost everything you ever wanted to know about the gas. Comprehensive, solidly researched, it has a wealth of information presented in easy to understand format with color illustrations throughout. Here is a preview of the book. Go on – take a look! You’ll enjoy it.

Some quotes from the book:

“Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it is reasonably close to Oxygen on the “gotta have it” scale” Zig Ziglar

“Freedom is the oxygen without which science cannot breathe” David Sarnoff

“What Oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life” Emil Brunner

Colour illustrated
A5 size publication
298 pages
Publisher: Literati Publishing
ISBN-10: 0956928161
ISBN-13: 978-0956928160

Books by Dr Chandra Senan: Oxygen, Alcohol, Time, Water, Blood

Please visit Literati Publishing for more details. (Best viewed on Chrome browser)

Oxygen Day 15 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge dawns rather bright, clear and very warm in my part of the world and I am pleased to present my friend, …


April 15​ is my Mom’s birthday. I am particularly happy that the alphabet for today is M for Mother, Mi to me. She would have been 69 today.

By now you know how close I was to my Mom. As much as she influenced me when she was alive, she continues to inspire me every day through the wise words I received from her, the unconditional love she showered on me, her kindness and her always cheerful…

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Can you believe we are at Day 12 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge already? Today is L. Yes I know. You expected me to write about Love or Laughter, right?  Last year I did write about Love. Today, I figured we’d start the week with a good dose of laughter and I’ve got…

…L for Limerick

Of all the poetry forms, the limerickis one of my favorites. (Fine, laugh!). Limericks are usually funny and…

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Kidney Health and Diabetes

Kidney Health and Diabetes

Kidney health and Diabetes

The kidney is an amazing organ with millions of minute blood vessels that filter out waste products from the blood via urine. This filtering system can become damaged by diabetes, reducing kidney function. When waste products are not filtered out, the result is kidney disease.

While diabetes may be the prime cause for kidney failure, the symptoms from early kidney…

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Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes or Type 1 diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes usually strikes during childhood or adolescence. It breaks my heart to think that these children must live with it all their lives besides being insulin dependent, always worrying about the complications of diabetes.

juvenile diabetes vidya sury

We have a neighbor who has two daughters and both have juvenile diabetes. We’ve known them for over 15…

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Kamala Sohonie

Day 11 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge brings us to K and it is K for Kamala Sohonie, the first Indian woman to get a PhD in a scientific discipline. She was a biochemist.

Kamala Sohonie’s life symbolized the struggle waged by the pioneering Indian women scientists.

kamala sohonieKamala was born in 1912. Her father Narayanrao Bhagwat and his brother Madhavrao were distinguished chemists and were among…

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Insulin and Diabetes

Insulin, blood glucose and diabetes

When “insulin” is mentioned, most people naturally assume that it is medication for diabetes. Did you know insulin is a natural hormone produced by our body in the pancreas? Let’s look at its role in diabetes since understanding how it affects the blood sugar can help manage the condition better and prevent the complications of diabetes.

insulin and diabetes

So what does insulin…

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